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GeekyFounder is a Pro blogging Platform, which was launched on 15th Oct 2022 by Sidhant Mishra. Since then we have been uploading very useful content on this blog and We will only provide you with fascinating content that you will enjoy. We’re committed to bringing you the finest in blogging.

We place a high priority on a diverse range of topics in the business and marketing domains, including (but not limited to) the stock market, entrepreneurship, startups, innovation, ideas, strategies, and leadership.

We’re working hard to transform our love of blogging into a thriving online business. We hope you love our blogging as much as we do providing it to you.

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Who Is Sidhant Mishra?

First and foremost, my name is Sidhant Mishra, and I am a student. I’ve been working online since I was sixteen. I began as a freelancer and, after a year, established a web agency with a team of four people. My business is doing exceptionally well. When I first started it, I was enjoying doing it but after 2 years it wasn’t any fun.

After a while, several of my business clients and acquaintances began asking me how to grow their businesses on a national/global scale, and with my knowledge and expertise, they began to achieve positive results. They then pushed me to start my own consulting firm. But I wasn’t thrilled with that suggestion because it meant I’d have to go through it all over again.

So I decided to start this blog where I could share some of my strategies and possibly help others. And, as everyone knows, if I’m going to pursue blogging as a career, I needed to make money. So I started using AdSense and other monetization methods to make a living doing what I enjoy. That’s how I ended up here, and you’re reading about me. So, thanks for stopping by and learning a little bit about me.